Best CPU For Gaming
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Best CPU For Gaming – 9 Processors And 8 Games Tested

We decided to conduct thorough testing and try to establish an answer to this never ending dilemma: What is the Best CPU for Gaming ? "Which CPU should I buy? Intel or AMD? What about overclocking, is there...
Thief 4
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Thief CPU & GPU Benchmark

Today we benchmark the fourth iteration of Thief from Eidos Montreal. Although the fourth title, today's Thief does not have a 4 in its name, presumably because Eidos Montreal decided to create a new Thief,...
Planetside 2 CPU Benchmark
82%Editor Rating

Planetside 2 CPU Benchmark

One of the games that has been on our benchmark radar for some time now is Planetside 2. This is a free to play MP FPS game which features grand scale battles supporting almost 2000 players on each continent...