Apple Has Announced The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c As Well As iOS 7

As expected Apple has decided to change the current iPhone 5 with the iPhones 5s and 5C, Both of those phones will be available on September the 20th. We informed you earlier about the upcoming changes and we weren’t wrong at all. Either Apple was so bad at keeping information, or maybe this company was leaking them on purpose in order to prepare the fans for the upcoming changes ( which aren’t alot).


iPhone 5S

The first phone presented by Apple was the iPhone 5S which will be available in 3 colors: gold (champagne), black and silver . The iPhone 5S casing will be aluminum. The phone itself will be powered by a 64-bit A7 CPU, the first one ever made and iOS has been upgraded as well in order to support this change. Apple claims that there CPU and GPU are twice as fast and that the new CPU is 56 times faster than the CPU on the first iPhone.

iphone 5s Apple Has Announced The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c As Well As iOS 7

The new camera covers 15% more surface and has Apple’s lens with a f/2.2 blend, and digital image stabilization as well. Apple has shown there new flash called “True Tone” which will solve the problems caused by the collision of colors with different temperatures. When it comes to battery and battery life theres nothing new , Apple is positive that battery life can take 10 hours of LTE internet surfing and 250 hours of stand by mode or 10 hours of 3G calls. With A7 comes a new feature called M7, this chip will enable you to monitor you heart rate, blood pressure, etc and all of that will be processed with the gyroscope and compass which will enable more precise measuring in fitness applications. In short this is Apple’s version of health & fitness wristbands.

Apple has confined the new finger print scanning is a new iPhone 5S feature. This new biometric feature will be implemented in the “Home” button and there will be no need for you to press it to get recognision , it will be enough to just hover over it. This new feature is deeply implemented into the new iOS and the good thing is that the fingerprint data will not be stored on Apple’s servers or iCloud.

The price of the iPhone 5S will be $199 for the 16GB version, $299 for the 32GB and 399 for the 64 GB version if you get a postpaid agreement.

If you want the SIM free iPhone 5S, the 16GB version will cost you $649, 32GB-$749 and 64GB-$849.

The iPhone 4 8Gb will remain on the market and will be available for free with a post paid agreement.


iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C has the same technology that run the iPhone 5 but it also has a new design and new colors green, yellow, red, blue and white.

iphone 5C Apple Has Announced The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c As Well As iOS 7

The backs and sides are made out of a single part, while the interior is hard-coated  in new polycarbonate technology.

The iPhone 5C will have a 4 inch Retina display, front 8MP camera and A6 CPU.

US pricing: $99-16GB, and $199 for the 32GB version with a two year contract.

SIM free: 16GB 549$ and 32GB 649$.

Siri has also received an update and you can talk with the male voice as well.

When it comes to photos, users are now able to classify them by place and time taken.

iOS 7 will be available on September the 18th and its benefits will be available to users who own iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, iPad Mini as well as the owners of the fifth generation of iPod Touch.