AMD Showcase Mantle API Demo

AMD has just released the new Mantle demo where they showcase some quite impressive features. The presentation was done with the help of Oxide Games studio.


Amd Showcase Mantle AMD Showcase Mantle API Demo


The actual numbers when it comes to gains in performance are still being kept in the dark, but for the first time we are able to see what Mantle can really do. The whole demo was running at 300-400 frames as AMD mentioned.

If you switch to 25:50 in the video below, an inter galactic space battle will start where two thousand space ships will engage into combat. All of those ships have their own entity and AI with numerous weapons at their disposal. This will be revolutionary in RTS games if all of this works out, like AMD says it does, and if developers manage to comprehend this new miracle called Mantle.

AMD states that this demo is CPU bound and that most of the work is being done by the processor not the actual GPU. The FX 8350 is the CPU that was powering this demo and although with Mantle the FX 8350 gives comparable performance to an i7 4770K. The scaling with even more CPU cores is possible.

Without Mantle, CPUs are limited at 50 thousand batches but when using it the number goes up to 100 thousand or more. By 2015 it is expected to reach 300 thousand batches and with further Mantle optimization and the new generation of hardware it could even go up to 1 million batches.



As soon as  Battlefield 4 gets updated with Mantle we will be doing some extensive benchmarking of this new API so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow as on Facebook for more news about Mantle.

  • Sabun

    “Will be cross-platform”. How so? Mantle has not been officially announced as supporting Linux or Mac, and EA isn’t exactly a Mac and Linux enthusiast. This really should be titled a Windows-only API right now.

  • Bob

    I think cross-platform means for now ps4, pc and xbox one if microsoft would use it but will probably stick to directx