Batman Arkham Origins 6 Gameplay AMD Release Batman: Arkham Origins Fix


Yesterday was the official launch of Batman Arkham Origins , but most users with AMD graphic cards were upset by poor performance. Some might of thought of this as Nvidia sabotaging their “The Way It’s Meant to be Played™” title. You can see a detail example of this on our Batman Arkham Origins Benchmark where the AMD 7970 has a strange average of only 11 fps on a 2560×1440 resolution with MSAAX8 enabled , as well as less then optimum  results against the GTX770 in the Full HD 1920×1080 resolution.


Batman Arkham origins 2560x1440 MSAA x8 GTX770 vx AMD 7970 AMD Release Batman: Arkham Origins Fix


The great news is that AMD has released their new 13. 11 Beta v6 driver that fixes most of these issues and you should be good to go with these drivers. The HardwarePal team was quick to get there benchmark troubleshoots out and AMD responded in less than 24 hours nice one!!!  We have uploaded our new Batman Arkham Origins Benchmarks.


new amd drivers for batman arkham origins  AMD Release Batman: Arkham Origins Fix

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  1. SirDjss

    I dont have any issues with my 7970 in that game , and i am showing fps to prove it , check my utube page to have a look

      • Moeqawama

        There are still performance issues… and this is coming from an owner of an R9 290X. The game has no business being choppy at 4 X MSAA on this card. 2 X MSAA is a little better, but it’s very disappointing considering it’s on this GPU

  2. John Evans

    i get like maybe 2-3 extra frames now… yeah… this is still bad. constant crashes, bad fps, such a bad port they forgot to put the benchmark in and it will be patched in later… they forgot the benchmark…did they forget optimizations as well? what lazy a-holes. game deserves all the mediocre scores its getting.


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