XfX 280x AMD R9 280X And HD7970 Similiarities   XFX First On The Bandwagon


The Radeon R9 280X GPU has a lot in common with the Radeon 7970 Ghz Edition models and it is safe to say they will be a refresh of the Tahiti XT GPU. It is expected for AMD’s partners to provide a whole new design for the upcoming series.

XfX has taken this rather seriously with its new Double dissipation graphics card ,  you can see that in the image. We have no way of knowing whether XfX has recycled  PCB’s from the HD 7970 GHz Edition model but we can say with a high level of certainty that the cooling solution is brand new.The gpu will have one huge aluminum fin array over the PCB and the fans will be enormous (100mm each). The card will be featuring an unlocked voltage control as well.

The main difference between the Radeon R9 280X and Radeon 7970 GHz Edition will be in the memory clock speed (6,4Ghz instead of 7970’s 6 GHz). It is expected that the GPU clock speeds might be over 1Ghz, but we have no confirmation for that at this point in time.

However the case maybe, these are the R9 280X’s specs that are more or less certain: 2048 SP, 128 TMU’s and 32 ROP’s. The same as the 7970, the R9 280X will feature 3GB of GDDR5 with a 384-bit memory interface. The card will have 1x HDMI, 2xMini-DPs and 2x DVI’s. The R9 280X will also support DirectX 11.2, OpenGL 4.2 and connecting up to 4 cards in CrossFire .


XfX R9 280X AMD R9 280X And HD7970 Similiarities   XFX First On The Bandwagon

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