AMD Kaveri : Leaked Specs and Benchmarks

AMD Kaveri Steamroller AMD Kaveri : Leaked Specs and Benchmarks


As rumors are out for the release of AMD’s new 28nm APU (Kaveri Steamroller) by February 2014, there have been companies trying to a get a hold of this APU chip which supports the Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU architecture. It seems that some Chinese companies have already got their hands on near production samples.

The new APU which is said to be more powerful than AMD’s Bulldozer hasn’t been benchmarked completely yet, but we can see the Integer and Floating Point scores in the below picture of an engineering and near-production sample. It’s quite easy to say AMD’s Kaveri Steamroller has a higher Integer Point than AMD’s FX Bulldozer and FX Piledriver.


AMD Kaveri Steamroller vs Bulldozer and Piledriver floating and integer scores AMD Kaveri : Leaked Specs and Benchmarks


The AMD Kaveri Steamroller in the image is a quad core processor, but with only 2MB cache. That seems to be decreasing the Floating Point Score compared to the FX Piledriver and FX Bulldozer. But , it looks like the Steamroller may be able to compete with Intel’s high-end processor the i7-4770K.


engineering and near production amd kaveri steamroller system specs AMD Kaveri : Leaked Specs and Benchmarks


No news on pricing have been released,  however if AMD manages to put out the performance of Intel’s i7-4770k at a lower price, we may see AMD bringing Intel in to dropping prices of their processors to meet-up the standard (something similar AMD has done with Nvidia in the GPU market with the release of the R9 290X ).