AMD FX Series Processors Will NOT Be Discontinued

When the Roadmap of AMD’s production line was showcased there was no mention of AMD’s FX CPUs , news was that there won’t be another FX CPU and the series will be discontinued but all of it was fake according to AMD.

AMD FX series will not be Discontinued AMD FX Series Processors Will NOT Be Discontinued

AMD have spotted sites posting about the roadmap of the production plan and seems that they were mentioning that FX CPUs are going to be discontinued, but now AMD have released an Official Roadmap chart which includes the continue of AMD’s AM3+ socket CPUs as well as motherboards.


FX Series CPUs Will Not Be Discontinued AMD FX Series Processors Will NOT Be Discontinued



“AMD will continue to supply AM3+ and AMD FX processors for the foreseeable future, as per AMD’s official roadmap update at APU’13 [above]. Recently, AMD launched the FX-9000 series, AMD’s fastest desktop processor to date. As AMD’s business continues to evolve, AMD will focus on the areas of growth including support for the desktop PC enthusiast leveraging AMD’s world-class processor design IP, including heterogeneous compute. AMD’s FX branded products will continue to evolve and we look forward to sharing those updates in the future.” Said AMD.

Still there are no mentions that AMD have plans to increase the numbers of FX CPUs available right now. They will be focusing on the APU Kaveri which is going to be released later next year as well as the Carrizo APU for 2015. Kaveri seems to perform very well and is capable of running Battlefield 4 alone at 1080p resolution without a discrete GPU.

Why Kaveri?

Because according to AMD, what “we” need in a processor has been changing quite often and consumers are going towards APUs instead of CPUs. Continuing the FX line might be a meaningful decision, increasing the FX line with another bunch of processors might not seems so good according to the current needs.

  • Anonymouse

    AM3+ might as well be dead if they don’t release new models – and I don’t mean extremely high TDP models. Since there’s no Steamroller variant for AM3+ in the near future, they could at least release better binned CPUs with a TDP of no more than 130 watts. Keep them affordable.
    But they probably won’t do that. Doesn’t matter much to me though, I’m a fan of budget rigs anyway. So I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for GPU-disabled “Athlon” Kaveri models for FM2+. :D

    • Matt

      I don’t see the point of wasting steamroller on AM3+. They’d get so much more out of it by making it natively compatible with PCI-e 3.0 and DDR4 which is coming out next year. It’d be a nice bang for AM3+ to go out on but I’d like to see an AM4 socket as I’m sure a lot of budget builders would like too as well. AM3+ is ancient but I do appreciate how long it’s been around… I’ve gone through 2 CPU’s on a $90 mobo and I’m playing BF4 at 1080p/60FPS (when it decides to work) without any CPU bottlenecks.

      • Nikolas Nikolaou

        The shame is both Kaveri for 2014 and Carrizo for 2015 will not support neither PCIE 4.0 nor DDR4.

        • Matt

          The lack of DDR4 support for those platforms is a major shame. PCIE 4.0 support is premature at the moment though… with Nvidia gpu’s adopting a dedicated arm processor and AMD using Mantle there’s not really going to be a need for all that bandwidth for gaming purposes. The only real way I see anything using it up and this applies to high end 3.0 boards as well would be to SLI/CFX with a dedicated sound card and 1 or 2 PCIE hard drives depending on the slots available… Complete overkill if you ask me but I know the market is there.

          I know it’ll be a little while longer before DDR4 and even native PCI 3.0 support will be adopted by AMD… they’re so far behind the curve but they push the abilities of their current line up to the max and are still able to compete with Intel’s mid-range at a much lower price point which is something any budget PC gamer can appreciate.

  • cubs223425

    What does this really prove? There was nothing in that roadmap beyond PileDriver CPUs, so all we can say with certainty is that AMD will continue releasing the same, CPUs it serves up now, from the FX0series.