AMD Carrizo APU in 2015 – Intel’s Skylake More Feature Rich

AMD recently launched another FM2+ socket APU the A10-6790K, which is placed just under the performance and specs of the 6700 and 6800K. AMD’s upcoming APU which is called “Kaveri” will make a debut next year, but as rumored earlier AMD already has plans for their APU Carrizo coming after Kaveri.


Carrizo APU Architecture AMD Carrizo APU in 2015   Intels Skylake More Feature Rich


AMD have confirmed in their roadmap that the “Carrizo” APU will be coming out in 2015 just a year after Kaveri. Releasing Carrizo might be shortening the life of Kaveri but there are also no plans for bringing an upgrade to the FX breed of AMD CPU’s.

AMD APU Roadmap with Kaveri and Carrizo APU AMD Carrizo APU in 2015   Intels Skylake More Feature Rich


The Carrizo APU in the road maps shows that it’s based on the “Excavator Core” which is the next level of “Steamroller B Core” which will also be present in the Kaveri APU. Carrizo would also feature the GCN architecture which will bring DirectX 11.2, Mantle support, TrueAudio and OpenGL along with it. The Kaveri – Carrizo architectures will also feature the next-generation of integrated GPU’s. The predicted leap would be big enough that Kaveri or Carrizo alone would be capable of running Battlefield 4 without any external GPU.


Excavator 4th Generation AMD APU AMD Carrizo APU in 2015   Intels Skylake More Feature Rich


But unluckily along with Carrizo, Intel’s Skylake processors will also make a debut in 2015 which will support DDR4 memory along with PCIe 4.0 and other features like Sata Express and the Thunderbolt interface. While AMD Carrizo would be sticking with DDR3 and PCIe 3.0, Intel’s Skylake will probably make huge sales because of DDR4 and PCIe 4.0 support alone.

On the other hand coming back to AMD, the upcoming Kaveri line will feature a 65W-95W configurable TDP, Carrizo will be locked at 65W (Skylake will have a 50W TDP). Right now it is not confirmed if Carrizo will feature the 20nm architecture or be a better optimized 28nm architecture. Just like Kaveri , Carrizo would be fully functional with AMD’s HSA support which provides ease of use for developers.

It is sad news for AMD fans that they won’t be able to utilize DDR4 or PCIE 4.0 when it comes out , but that’s not the only part they should look at. AMD promises to perform well with Carrizo not only in terms of CPU processing but GPU performance as well.